How to plan my vacation in Canada/USA


Before we go somewhere for vacation or just for a trip, the very first thing we should do is to plan everything from point A to B – this means that we must have a plan.

Planning is fast and easy if we had done it before but it is a little harder if it is our first time to do it. This is why today we are going to see how to plan our vacation in Canada/USA.

1.When are we going?

The very first thing we need to decide is when are we going? Is it gonna be in the winter or is it gonna be in the summer? In my personal opinion, this destination is better for the summer but this is a personal choice.

  1. Why do we need to choose when we are going to travel?

This needs to be done because it will be easier to tell our boss about our vacation and our need for free days. We must do this before our colleges had done it already because they will ruin all of our plans. When we are ready with the dates it is time for us to decide how we are going to our destination? Most of the people take planes because it’s faster but there is another type of people – those who will decide that with the bus is more comfortable for them. Wherever we decide to take the plane or the bus it will be better if we reserve our tickets.It’s easier and faster and the troubles won’t be expected. It’s very important that after we reserve our ticket to reserve our hotel room too. It’s again personal choice whether the hotel will be fancy or not, you can choose a cheap hostel too, it depends on your finances.

  1. What we’re going to visit?

Our next step is to decide what are we going to visit. It’s not a lie that neither Canada nor USA is small states if we have only 1 week we can’t see everything for sure. The best way to see what is the most exciting thing o visit in those two states is to Google it or the other way is to visit the things that you have been dreaming about to visit since you were a little kid.

It’s not a bad idea to see if any of the stated offer cars for rent. If you have a chance to drive a car it will be a lot easier for you to visit all the landmarks on your list.

  1. Make a list of your things in your luggage

The next step is related to the plans and lists, again. Before you make your luggage make a list of the things you want to bring with you on the vacation, make that list let’s say a week before your departure. This way if something comes up in your mind that you will need it will be easier to put it on your luggage and add it to your list. After you are done with the list and with the luggage take a photo of the list and that way your things will be everywhere with you if you think you have forgotten something you can easily look at your list on the phone and check if it’s in the luggage with you.

This a little manual which for sure could help you with the planning of one wonderful vacation. Now the only thing left is to live your dream vacation!