How does the GLOBAL ENTRY program work?

If you love to travel, if you love your family and adore giving them happiness, give them GLOBAL ENTRY cards too! Yes, you do not have to be rich to make your beloved ones smile. You do not have to take them to some exotic island where to drink cocktails all day long until the sun goes down… All this is for the people who do not have kids and who are looking for romantic holidays in private.

You are a family man. You have first to think about your family and then for yourself. And if you do your best every time when you hit the road, believe us – you are a good parent!

So, the GLOBAL ENTRY cards for families are great opportunity for you to fully enjoy your trip. You can move faster and just that is one of the most important preconditions to be your family vacation perfect. Or at least good enough! We trust that you want to experience such a holiday, so do not leave this page, stay here with us and keep reading!


See here GLOBAL ENTRY application for your family!

To make your family a member of the GLOBAL ENTRY program, you must to apply. Just by three stepsyou can finish your application and hopefully very soon to get your GLOBAL ENTRY cards too. If you apply for the whole family (the GLOBAL ENTRY family package), you will be able to save lots of precious time that can be used for more pleasant activities than the applying… And that is the point – the GLOBAL ENTRY program is wonderful because of the many advantages that it will provide you with. Enjoy them and hurry up – your kids probably are impatience to travel once again. This time by using the GLOBAL ENTRY cards!

Note that these cards are valid only when traveling between Canada and the U.S. as you can also be a citizen of some of these countries. Together with that, you do not have to have a criminal record (and we believe that you have not), so that to be a suitable applicant for the GLOBAL ENTRY program.

All children apply for free!

It is time to tell you more about the renewal of your GLOBAL ENTRY family package. And even that now it is too early to talk about renewal, save this information. Some day (after 5 years) you will need it, because you will surely want to travel with the GLOBAL ENTRY program once again… You know – it is simply amazing! See more about the GLOBAL ENTRY family renew and keep reading.

Once when you notice that your GLOBAL ENTRY cards are expired you must apply for their renewal. Of course, every document has to be renewed when it is not valid because otherwise you won’t be able to use it anymore.

But the application for renewal of the GLOBAL ENTRY cards is not the same as the other ones. The procedure is fast and easy. Pleasant and even funny. Because all your family can take a part in this. And if you have been a member of the GLOBAL ENTRY program before, to become again will be easier than you have ever tough…

You can renew the GLOBAL ENTRY cards of your family up to 6 months before the expiration date. But even if you miss the final date, do not worry – you can renew your card if it is already expired. – By following only three steps… They are the same as when you apply for the first time. You can get your new and renewed GLOBAL ENTRY cards in short terms and will be ready for new adventures in Canada or the U.S.!

What if my GLOBAL ENTRY card is stolen?

Be careful when at the airport! There are too many people – some of them steal! And if you are distracted and do not keep your luggage properly, the chance to lose something is huge… In places where are lots of people, where there are crowds and everybody hurries somewhere, we must be very careful in order to avoid potential stealing. Keep your wallet in your pocket and make sure that all the important documents are there – in a safe place. Never forget – everywhere there are people who want your wallet, although they are not interested in the documents in there. They want your money and credit cards, but most travelers keep the passport and the GLOBAL ENTRY card in their wallets. So, if someone steals your luggage, wallet or handbag, do not panic! Just keep breathing and think. Think what you can do in order to fix thigs in short terms. And remember – there is always a solution. Especially when it comes to the GLOBAL ENTRY cards!


If your GLOBAL ENTRY card is stolen, damaged, lost or just is missing and you can’t find it, take note that you can replace it. You will receive a new card, with the same expired date and will able to use the services of the GLOBAL ENTRY program once again! And that is the best part of being a member of the GLOBAL ENTRY program – the chance to continue being a member. And independently from the reason why you can’t find your GLOBAL ENTRY card, know that you can get a new one! – If you apply correctly and meet the requirements.

There are 4 steps that will take you to your replaced GLOBAL ENTRY card: filling-in the application form, paying the fee, sending the application form by email and waiting for approval. Yes, that’s all. You can do it fast and easy and will not have to wait too long to receive your new card. You will be able to cross the borders between Canada and the U.S. as usual (before the others), as the only thing you will have to think of is how to spend your holiday and where to go during your stay!

End of the long waiting, end of the crowds and start of the pleasant movement between the borders. But you already know that, because have been a member of the GLOBAL ENTRY program. And that’s why you want to replace your card, right?

We are hoping this article was interesting for you. If you need more information, just write us. We are online for our readers 24 hours a day!


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